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Synod Resources


Grace Lutheran supports other Lutheran organizations that bring the love of Jesus to others here at home and in foreign countries. We invite you to visit any of the following pages to grow in your faith and learn how you too can help spread the Good News to all.


WISCONSIN EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN SYNOD - WELS Ministerial Education works to provide workers for the more than 1,200 churches and 750 schools in the synod. WELS provides this education through a system of four schools: two high-school-level preparatory schools, a college, and a seminary.


WELS PUBLICATION SUBSCRIPTIONS- Our bimonthly magazine, "Forward in Christ" or our quarterly Meditations devotional.


Meditations is an inspiring, personal devotional booklet offering daily Scripture-based, soul-searching studies of God's Word. Each meditation is clearly written and easy to understand, with a special Scripture reading, devotion, and prayer for each day. Meditations provides scriptural guidance and encouragement for daily living.

Sample Cover and Contents page (.pdf file)

WELS Missionsmade up of Home, World, and Joint Missions—seeks to share Christ’s love with the lost across the globe. Home Missions supports 131 congregations in the United States, Canada, and English-speaking West Indies, and assists hundreds of other congregations with their campus ministry programs. World Missions conducts gospel outreach in 40 foreign countries and is exploring outreach opportunities in 17 prospective new mission fields. Joint Missions oversees any mission opportunity that is a combination of Home Missions, World Missions, and Ministerial Education. This includes people-group ministries, cross-cultural ministries, the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI), and new programs like WELS Mission Journeys.


LUTHERAN MILITARY SUPPORT GROUP-LMSG is a non-profit organization providing Christ-centered support to WELS/ELS military service members, veterans, and their families.  

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